Without Drugs, Surgery or Electric Nerve Stimulation
Without Drugs, Surgery or Electric Nerve Stimulation
Heal Your Knees From Years of Damage And Neglect
Stop Hiding The Pain... And Causing Even More Long-term Damage 
Works On Pro Athletes… But Made For Regular Folks
Former NBA Star Develops "No-Frills" Cure For His Own Chronic Knee Injury… Now Available To The Public
Dear Knee Pain Sufferer,

If you’re suffering from knee pain right now, but you can still walk, then I have great news for you today.

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can eliminate knee pain at home... for good... anytime you want…. in just a matter of seconds.

And if you follow my advice, you may never have to visit another orthopedist, physical therapist, or swallow another pill for knee pain again.

You see, for over a decade, I have been laser focused on eliminating the source of knee pain.

First, it was to heal myself so I could return to the NBA. (You can find my story online)

Then, in order to help the millions of others like you, who suffer from chronic knee pain.

I spent years searching for the real solution for knee pain, that didn’t just “mask” the pain… or reduce the pain for just a few hours, so it would come back...

...A solution that fixed the underlying root cause of knee pain. So the inflammation, swelling, and paralyzing pain didn’t come back again... and again...

A solution that eliminated knee pain fast… safely… and reliably so that I didn’t need to pay an orthopedist every week to help me.

My team and I vetted literally hundreds of devices and interviewed the top medical researchers around the world.

And it all came back to one technique that you may have heard before...

But it hasn’t been possible or practical for everyone to perform this technique, especially at home.

Until now…

After entering the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick, Jonathan Bender soon realized that a painful growth spurt he suffered during childhood was haunting him, this eventually forced him to retire from the sport he loved at only 25.

Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he engineered his own apparatus and naturally rehabilitated his own knees. His device known as the JBIT enabled him to re-enter the NBA after a 4-year absence. 

Muscle Reactivation:
The Scientifically Proven Short-Cut To Pain-Free Knees 
One of the most effective methods for quickly & reliably relieving knee pain is a little-known technique called muscle reactivation.

It makes sense when you think about it...

The knee is a complex system of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle… And it’s where the thigh bone, the two shin bones, and the kneecap all come together.

It acts as the main hinge between the ground and the rest of your body.

The knees are your “wheels” that get you around.

Yet, it’s not just athletes like me who suffer.

Every time you take a step, millions of muscle fibers all over your body – between your shoulders and your toes – are called into action…

It’s how you stay upright and moving forward.

But if you’re one of the millions that have slight misalignments or imbalances in your joints or posture, it means these muscles aren’t firing the way they should.

And when that happens, more and more your body’s weight falls onto your knee joints.

Doctors call this “Loading The Joint” and it’s what causes the painful inflammation in your knees.

15 Million Preventable Doctor Visits Each Year?
If you don’t correct the underlying problem, you risk permanently damaging your knees and the ligaments that keep it working.
No wonder knee pain sends 15 million Americans to the doctor each year!

But take some of the weight off your knees, even a little bit… just enough to “de-load” the joint… and you can experience near-instant pain relief.

That’s why I’ve been teaching about muscle reactivation for years.

It’s not just fast-acting. Although you can experience almost instant relief of your knee pain.

(Heck, it helped me return to the NBA after career-ending knee injuries, a dozen surgeries, and countless knee rehab…)

Here’s scientific proof that muscle reactivation works:
Purdue University researchers showed that reactivating the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscle results in the “correction of asymmetric loading in the knee joint” and “arrests damage progression” in cartilage. 
In other words, correcting muscle imbalances around the knee joints stops cartilage damage – reducing pain and inflammation – immediately.

Reactivating your leg and hip muscles immediately lightening the weight load on the knee joints.

But to get these benefits now, you’d have to go to a clinic, or to a rehab facility, or a gym with a coach, a trainer, a physical therapist... You would need help to direct exactly how and what you’re going to exercise and strengthen.

It makes sense... Performing rehab exercises like this at home, without supervision is putting yourself at serious risk.

Not anymore.

All you have to do to is put it on and walk

Expensive therapists, trainers, and coaches would put you through a battery of a weight training circuits to reactivate and strengthen your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core.

Now I’m here to show you there’s a better way.

Reactivate your muscles and lighten the weight load on your knees simply by walking.

No more physical therapy visits or expensive rehab treatments.
No more dangerous pain drugs. 
Simply strap on the JBIT MedPro and you get instant pain relief with your first step.
JBIT 3 Steps
1. Strap on both ankle sleeves.
2. Wrap the belt around the middle of your back.
3. Hook in resistance bands.
That’s it. You always get to choose how much tension you want.

Three different resistance bands – beginner, immediate, and strongest – gives you the choice how much tension you use.

Custom-fitting loops on the adjustable belt make this truly a one-size-fits-all solution, no matter your height, build, or age.

With each step you take, the JBIT MedPro redistributes the weight off our knees and reactivates your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and core muscles.

There’s no electrical pulse or uncomfortable braces

And there’s never any risk of further injury.
Hear what users are saying about the JBIT MedPro!
The video starts with a blank screen

It’s a life changer!! Within the first 20 steps after putting on the JBIT, my knee pain had totally diminished. I’ve had knee pain since high school and I’m way past high school!

Angela, Physical Therapist

God led me to the JB Intensive Trainer, with motivation and determination I am working toward complete healing. The pain is no longer unbearable. So I am your Biggest Fan Jonathan, praying for your daily that God will allow you to bless someone else as it has blessed me. Thank You So Much!

Vinnie Davis-Scott

The JBIT MedPro gave me a sense of spring, I had off and on knee pain for a few years and after wearing the bands I can now do things that I couldn’t do before and I am pain free, ....THANK YOU JBIT!!! 

Reverend David Allard Duplantier Dean of
The Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

Not only has the JBIT totally healed my sciatica pain within the first week, It has also been an amazing pain relieving rehab tool for our customers! 

Tim, Store Manager at Relax The Back
Why The JBIT?
  • Works by Reactivating your muscles instantly so you feel less pain                      immediately
  •  Strengthens your muscles so over time you heal yourself – without drugs 
  •  No risk of habit forming or liver toxicity 
  •  No electrodes or batteries - you never need to re-fill your supply 
  •  3 resistance settings lets you choose the amount of tension (beginner,               immediate, and strongest) 
  •  Waist belt extender and tri-loop system fits any body type - big or small 
  •  Padded back cushion for extra comfort 
  •  Upper Body kit protect your shoulders, arms, and upper back too. 
  •  Hot/Cold Pack fits inside the waist belt 
  •  2 Ankle Sleeves with easy-hook loops  
  •  Other devices use electrodes that you have to keep buying 
Fast Facts About Knee Pain
Knee pain is reported by 18% of U.S. Adults – 45 million in total.

More people are choosing knee replacement surgery – up to 1 million annually by 2020. The average age of surgery is falling too.

Osteoarthritis affects 15 million people each year. Osteoarthritis feels like pain and stiffness in the joints, including knees, hips, fingers, and back.

How Can The JBIT MedPro Help
The JBIT MedPro can work with the following conditions:
  •  Knee Arthritis
  •  Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) 
  •  Cartilage Injuries 
  •  Meniscus Tears 
  •  Persistent Knee Pain (More than a few days) 
  •  Knee Replacement Surgery (Preparation & Recovery) 
  •  Overcompensation From Knee Injuries & Back Pain 
  •  Baker's Cyst 
  •  Patellar Tendonitis 
  •  Bursitis 
Reliable Pain Solution Works Everywhere, Every Time
With the JBIT MedPro There’s no electrodes or “shocks” - and you never have to reorder supplies.
Because there’s no “masking” the pain, it’s 100% safe for any age.

The JBIT MedPro works by re-activating your own muscles and correcting the imbalances in your body – results for the long-term.

How The JBIT MedPro Works

As soon as you strap on, the JBIT MedPro starts working.

You’ll notice a difference with your very first step… 

Keep walking and you’ll see it doesn’t go away…
You feel lighter… 

And what you don’t feel are the usual aches and pains in your joints.

Actually… it feels like you’re waist-deep in water, or wading through a pool.

That is the JBIT MedPro at work. 

And what’s happening is the secret to why the JBIT MedPro is instantly effective at relieving knee pain.

The JBIT MedPro works by recruiting the strongest muscles in your body – from your legs to your core – into action. 

What you’re feeling is actually these muscles working together to support your body weight… instead of forcing your knees to take on the load.

It’s phenomenon that doctors call “reactivating” your muscles. 

And why I’m telling you about it is because…

When you reactivate the muscles – you lighten the load on your knee joints and cut off the source of pain within seconds. 
In just a few minutes a day with the JBIT, you will....
Relieve Knee Pain

by reducing pressure while re-activating muscles around the knee.

Relieve Back Pain

by engaging the total core, creating a pelvic tilt while reducing back pressure.

Relieve Sciatica Pain

by aligning the lower extremities.

Decrease Risk of Falls

by improving balance with simple walks.

Prevent Over Compensation

by forcing correct body alignment.

Kick-Start Mobility and Flexibility

by increasing range of motion with simple movements .

And all you have to do to get all these benefits?
  Put on the JBIT MedPro and take your first step.
Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Invest In Healthy, Pain-Free Knee Joints Today
Imagine… You’re just a few days away from instant relief. 

When your JBIT MedPro System is delivered, here’s what you’ll find inside...

The JBIT MedPro device - “De-Load” the knee joint and reactivate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles. The JBIT MedPro includes 2 ankle sleeves, a custom-sized waist belt, back pad for extra comfort and support, 1 waist belt extender, 3 pairs leg resistance bands for adjustable tension levels. 

Upper Body Exercise Kit - Gently strengthen and tone your upper body while you wear the JBIT MedPro. The Upper Body Kit includes 2 additional pairs of arm resistance bands for adjustable tension, and 2 handles that attach to the arm resistance bands.

Waist Belt extender - Perfect if you require more length around the waist. This velcro waist belt extender creates a comfortable, secure, and custom fit.

Blue Therapeutic HOT/COLD Gel Pack - This microwave- and freezer-friendly therapeutic gel pack inserts into the waist belt of the JBIT MedPro for Hot or Cold Therapy. 

Warm Up Stretching Band - The stretching band is designed to help you stretch your muscles both pre- and post-therapy. 

Getting Started Visual Guide (Complete With Photos) - Visual step-by-step instructions how to assemble, strap on, and use the JBIT MedPro so you are guaranteed to get the most out of it.
Also you’ll get exercise tips for the lower and upper body designed specifically for the JBIT MedPro.

But Wait – That’s Not All... 

When you reserve your JBIT MedPro System today, you’ll get a LOT more. 

In addition to everything I’ve just listed above, I am giving you a ton of free bonuses along with the JBIT MedPro. 
Here's what you'll get:
FREE Bonus #1
JBIT MedPro How-To Guides

If you have you ever tried to learn an exercise from printed instructions, you know it’s almost impossible without large print and clear photos.
 There’s just no way to tell if you’re actually doing the moves right.
In this 10-video instructional series, I show you how to begin using the JBIT MedPro and eliminate knee pain as quickly as possible.
I also show you more advanced techniques, like how to use to JBIT MedPro to eliminate back pain and sciatica and how to use it for weight loss.
It’s an incredible solution for overall physical health, and I show you how to get the most value out of your investment.
(Includes 10 videos to watch online, anytime.)
FREE Bonus #2
Joint Pain Relief Codes: 
Secrets of The Elite To Help Reduce Your Joint Pain in 
48 Hours 

 Secrets of The Elite To Help Reduce Your Joint Pain in 48 Hours (INSTANT DOWNLOAD E-BOOK)
I learned this stuff the hard way, when knee injuries threatened to cut my NBA career short.
Then I took 2 seasons off, in order to heal myself and learn everything I could to get me back on the court.
In this instant downloadable book, I reveal all of what I learned – the “Big Secrets” and “Hidden Causes” of joint pain… And why most people never recover.
It also gives you perfect anti-inflammatory meal plans, juicing recipes, and tons more actionable info. (This sells right now for $37.)
FREE Bonus #3
Joint Pain Relief Codes: 
Results Accelerator 

This video collection is the perfect complement to the Joint Pain Relief Codes book.
And we designed it to produce maximum results, in minimum time.
I lead you through the Joint Pain Relief Codes and show you exactly how to do the exercises, stretches, and movements.
(This 20-video Results Accelerator package is typically sold at a premium price of $97, and it’s yours free when you reserve you JBIT MedPro today.)
Yes - You Have OTHER Treatment Options...

Option #1... Physical Therapy Program

With a physical therapist, out-of-pocket costs add up into the many thousands of dollars – even if you have health insurance! Meanwhile, treatment lasts months and months. And even then there’s no guarantee it will help heal your pain. Can you really afford to wait that long?

Option #2... Long-Term Drug Treatments

Since the drugs do not fix what’s causing the pain, you will start hurting again as soon as you stop taking them. Even worse, pain pills and injections are dangerous and habit-forming – if they even work at all. Are you willing to accept all the risks of taking more prescription drugs?

Option #3… Knee Surgery

$3,000 to $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (even WITH “good” insurance… many plans don’t cover it)... 6 to 12 months of rehab… Rising risk of infection… ZERO guarantee it helps pain… Take it from me, knee surgery should be the last resort for knee pain. It’s SCARY that so many people are willing to put themselves and their families through it.

Option #4… The JBIT MedPro

This system allows YOU to be in control of your treatment, without the use of drugs or special appointments with a professional physical therapist.

No special appointments required (we recommend walking around with it once a day for 5 to 10 minutes)

100% safe and simple to use at home (without the supervision from a therapist or orthopedist)

Instant pain relief with long-lasting results… It starts working as soon as your first step!

And best of all… You aren’t required to invest your life savings just to find a solution that finally works!

Reserve Yours Today...Before We Run Out Of Inventory Again

The JBIT MedPro is so effective and efficient at relieving knee pain, it’s hard to keep units in stock.
This is not some cheap psychological trick to get you to buy now.

Our manufacturer is working day and night to keep up with our orders. But when our warehouse runs out of stock, it can take weeks before the next shipment arrives.

With literally hundreds of people visiting this page each day, our current supply will not last much longer...

So if you’re even “on the fence”... you need to place your order for your JBIT MedPro today. Just click any of the big, happy orange buttons on this page to guarantee yours immediately.

If knee pain is causing you suffering right now… why would you choose to live with the pain any longer than you have to? If you plan to “think about it” for a few days - chances are, you’ll have to wait weeks longer.
Yes, Jonathan! Please Send Me My JBIT MedPro 
Before Supplies Run Out

I can’t wait to receive the following delivered directly to me, so I can start using it immediately and finally jump back into my life again…
  •  The JBIT MedPro - This is the ultra-simple system that de-loads my knee joints by recruiting and re-activating my quads, hamstrings and core while I’m walking! 
  •  Extra Attachments and Accessories - I’ll also get the Hot/Cold Therapy Gel Pack, the Warm Up Stretching Band, and the Upper-Body Strengthening Kit to help me get the MOST out of my device!
And I’ll receive the following for free, INSTANTLY in my inbox, as soon as I order my JBIT MedPro...
  • The JBIT MedPro How-To Videos - These 10 videos will teach me everything I need to get the most out of my JBIT MedPro! I look forward to the clear instructions how to assemble and start using the device in under 10 minutes!
  •  “Joint Pain Relief Codes: Elite Secrets To Fixing Your Joint Pain in 48 Hours” - I’m excited to uncover these “secret codes” for healing joint pain… permanently! Even though I understand some of this information is controversial – I’m eager to learn it for myself! 
  •  “Joint Pain Relief Codes Results Accelerator” - This free exclusive upgrade program will “turbo-charge” my results with the JBIT MedPro and Joint Pain Relief Codes in MINIMUM time.
Try The JBIT MedPro FREE For 30 Days
Every order is backed by our Unconditional Happiness Guarantee for 30 days.

When you receive your JBIT MedPro delivered to your home, make sure you try it out immediately.

If you’re like our thousands of other happy customers, you’ll notice a difference in your pain on your first few steps. It works that fast. And with regular use, over time, your reactivated muscles will get stronger and your knees will thank you for it.

If however, you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, contact our help desk within 30 days and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.
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